Welcome to Andros Bay Cottages located in Cargill Creek on Andros Island in The Bahamas. We offer a unique combination of fly-fishing experiences for the avid fisherman.

Discover 7 Best Kept Secrets About Bonefishing with Andros Bay Cottages

  1. We offer a private island getaway experience
  2. You don't just get to fish. You are able to enjoy our private beach right outside your bedroom cottage door. After a morning of guided fishing, you can laze about and sunbathe on the beach while enjoying a fresh coconut that you can pick from the tree yourself cause the coconuts are in arm's reach.

  3. We have our own flats for DIY bonefish wading
  4. You can step outside your bedroom cottage door and go wading. Imagine: If you don't feel like going out on the boat to bonefish, you can get up on your own schedule and go bone-fishing in our flats just 75 feet away, with up to 800 feet of wading on the outer flats alone. Simply check in with our resident fly-fishing expert and he'll point you to the right location at the right time for your best catch.

  5. We have our own dock for night fishing
  6. Want more fishing? After a day of guided-fishing or ‘do-it-yourself’ wading, you can fish from our dock where the water can get up to 16 feet deep. There has been a diverse range of fish seen swimming around the dock area including bull sharks, and tiger sharks. But the best thing ever is being able to bonefish from our dock. With the in-coming tide you can catch bonefish. They swim close to the edge and feed along the shoreline on their way to the inner flats. Our dock is right on the shoreline. In fact, on at least three occasions, our guests have hooked tarpons though they were not able to land them. Can you break this record and land a tarpon from our dock?

  7. We are in the perfect location for fly-fishing
  8. Andros is located right off the ocean’s edge and is surrounded by creeks. Our private island alone has a mile of flats. In fact, we are located smack dab in the middle of flats frequently visited by bonefish. The only thing stopping the bone-fish from making a 100% complete loop around our island is 120 feet. Nevertheless, the bonefish move around us with both the incoming tide and the outgoing tide, so you can fish in our flats all day long! Our resident fly-fishing expert can tell you how to take full advantage of these frequent bonefish visitors.

  9. We offer private cottage-style bedrooms
  10. What’s the perfect vacation getaway? Staying in one of Andros Bay Cottages private, spacious, air conditioned cottage-style bedrooms (and bath) on a beach where you can watch the sunset over azure blue waters with crystals sparkling in the sunlight, and listen to the sound of the ocean as it lures you to sleep. In other words, no noisy neighbors—just the sound of a gentle breeze, the chirping of birds, and the ocean lapping against the shore.

  11. We have bone-fished with the stars
  12. Andros Bay Cottages is an offshoot of Cargill Creek Fishing Lodge on the island of North Andros in The Bahamas. Andros Bay Cottages is owned by Henry & Joe Bain, brothers of Stanley Bain of the infamous Cargill Creek Fishing Lodge. Henry worked with big brother Stanley and was a part of the bone-fish guide team that took Larry Hagman and other celebrities bone-fishing. Cargill Creek Fishing Lodge was one of the most popular bone-fishing Lodges in Andros and the Bahamas. It was professionally run, it had great guides and food, and featured amazing entertainment with live bands. The Bain brothers are continuing the pace set by big brother Stanley with Cargill Creek Fishing Lodge.

  13. Its owner trained under Crazy Charlie
  14. The Bahamas bone-fishing legend, Crazy Charlie (Smith), of the ‘Crazy Charlie Fly’ fame, trained Henry Bain as a bone-fish guide. Crazy Charlie is known to have high standards and never allowed his trainees to detour from adhering to his high standards. Crazy Charlie is a former sport-fishing captain, who turned bone-fishing expert on the creeks of Andros island in The Bahamas. He took a number of well-known individuals fly-fishing including a former prime minister of Canada and Joe Brooks of baseball fame.

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